Corporate Responsibility

MPDC believes it should have a relevant role supporting projects that aim to improve and/or facilitate access to education, culture and sport. These are some of the projects/initiatives that we support in a regular basis.

Livro Aberto

livro_abertoThe Livro Aberto Association plays a key role in children education among needed communities. It is established in Mozambique since 2007 and his principal target is to reduce literacy levels. His activities areas are resumed to education, linguistic and literacy by community workshops, mobile libraries, publish mozambican literature suitable for children and literature instruction to educators, day-care providers and parents by using an internationally recognised literacy learning methods.

Clube Ferroviário

ferroviarioThe Ferroviário Club is one of the most traditional sports clubs in Maputo City history. Founded in 1924, it integrates sports as soccer, basketball, swimming, cycling, athletics, boxing, karate and hockey. Ferroviário is, by tradition, nurtured by Port and railways community. This way, MPDC has been supporting one of the most highlighted and with national history clubs, as well as promoting sport and well-being within the port community.

Locomotiva de esperança

Since 2005 MPDC supports the “Locomotiva de Esperança” project, a soccer championship between neighborhoods for children, also involving orphanages and needed associations. This championship gives to the children an opportunity of exchanging experiences and also allows the Club to discover new talents (some of which are already integrated in the Junior league of the club)

Xiquitsi Project

xiquitsi-logosThe Xiquitsi project, a Kulungwana initiative, aims a social integration and inclusion, as well as vocational training through group tuition in music, thus taking the first steps towards the formation of what will become the first Classical Youth Orchestra in Mozambique.

This initiative represents the possibility of a life change among children and young people that through group music practice, which acquire essential skills for the full development of their capacities. The formation of this orchestra will be based on proven experiences in countries such as Brazil and Venezuela in similar projects.