Port of Maputo and Kudumba joins to promote the growth of the Maputo corridor

In the context of the current economic situation, Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) and Kudumba Investments Lda have together initiated actions that aims to reduce the costs of using the Maputo Transport Corridor increasing, thus, its regional competitiveness and helping to reduce costs to local consumers.

This partnership includes the reduction of tariffs applied to various types of cargo (eg, rice, fish, cement, rock phosphate, project cargo, etc.) and / or maintenance of some previously reduced rates on a trial basis, as in the case of chromium and nickel.

“Kudumba, reiterates its conviction that the Maputo Corridor may only represent an asset if we develop joint efforts to improve the general services to users, in particular, with regard to expeditious clearance in Maputo Corridor,” said Stephanie (Roula) Baaklini, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Kudumba.

“Our goal is to reduce the final cost of the Maputo corridor to the end-user and, therefore, we must work with all operators and stakeholders of this corridor. Kudumba has been a key partner and has worked together with MPDC to the competitiveness of the corridor. We hope that more operators will join us in the near future to manage to develop the corridor of Maputo and the region, “said Osório Lucas, Executive Director of MPDC.