Port of Maputo now offers bunkering services

From the 1st of November, the Port of Maputo has started to offer bunkering services. The contract was signed on the 28th of October between the Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) and a joint venture headed by Petromoc Bunkering. The port is now able to provide fuel and oil, not only to ships calling the port, but also to the ones at outer anchorage.

“It definitely is an added value to the Port of Maputo and provides further motivation for vessels to make a single call to load cargo and bunker at the same time”, said Osório Lucas, CEO of MPDC. “The on-going dredging activity has already made use of the new bunkering services, so we can affirm it is already a successful venture that will allow cost-saving for the shipping lines”, he added.

This service is aligned to the strategic plan of the port.

The on-going dredging operation to deepen the access channel of the port from the current -11 meters to -14.2 meters, will allow ships with a DWT of up to 120.000 tons to call Maputo. The dredging, paired with other infrastructure and added services initiatives, will make Maputo Port more competitive from a regional and international shipping market perspective.

“Petromoc is proud to participate to the development of the Port of Maputo and offer its customers a 1st class bunkering service, which will increase the number of vessels calling Mozambican ports and enhance tax revenues. This new activity also completes the portfolio of Petromoc at the service of the country.” said Fernando Obed Uache, Chairman of Petromoc Bunkering Limitada and CEO of Petromoc S.A.