Rules for Entering and Working in the Port of Maputo


From the 31st July 2014 all trucks entering the Port of Maputo must be registered. To ensure compliance, please download and read the below Conditions of Entry Policy, containing the registration procedures, and applicable gate fees.

Conditions of entry


From July 2011, new rules and procedures for entering the port were implemented.

The development of the Port of Maputo will, in the very near future, depend upon it attaining an internationally accepted security standards accreditation. This standard will be ISO 28000. Should the Port of Maputo fail to gain and sustain this security accreditation many current and potential cargo recipient countries will very likely refuse to accept cargo loaded at the Port of Maputo. Should this happen it will have a huge negative impact upon all business functions associated with the Port of Maputo.

Port Maputo has been charged with the responsibility of implementing the ISO 28000 standards. A key and basic demand within the implementation process is that access control be strengthened, which in turn means a significant reduction in the number of persons and vehicles gaining access into the port. We are therefore duty bound, in the interest of port security, to undertake the task of limiting access and therefore the opportunity to circulate within the port. We, Port Maputo therefore ask your help and understanding as these more restrictive access measures are activated.



  • Port employees properly identified
  • Official Entities (Police, Customs, Mozambique Defence Forces-FADM, Fire-fighters, Red Cross, Health Authorities, Immigration Authorities, EDM and CFM) on foot or on official vehicles, wearing uniform. If the entities mentioned herein are not wearing uniform but are on official duty they should hold an identification card which should to be shown whenever requested
  • Government Entities on duty
  • Clearing agents, service providers in official duty
  • Crew members of foreign ships, upon submission of the crew list.
  • Official MPDC light vehicles. Customs, Police, Fire-fighters, Ambulances, Red Cross, INAMAR, Health authorities, Immigration Authorities, EDM and CFM (on official duty)
  • Light vehicles assigned to the different terminals
  • Light vehicles belonging to the companies of the different terminals (vehicles assigned to staff on duty)
  • Freight Agents and their vehicles
  • Vehicles belonging to Stevedoring companies
  • Vehicles belonging to Private Security Companies providing services to Maputo Port properly identified by a logo
  • Government Official vehicles



  • Loaded and unloaded trucks with valid free transit passes issued by MPDC


  • Hold IdentiFICATION badge / Visitor’s BADGE or Driver’s BADGE all the time
  • Respect all signals posted on Port Premises
  • PRESENTATION OF Delivery NOTES ON Entrance/ Exit of GOODS is mandatory


  1. Mandatory wearing of personal protective equipment(PPE) i.e high visibility jacket on entry to this area, even whilst traveling in vehicles. For persons working in operational areas where cargo is handled and heavy equipment deployed, the following PPE is required:
    • High visibility vest with reflective strips;
    • Hard hat;
    • Safety shoes
  2. Prohibition on walking on the main road – make use of the bus service and walking is only permitted to and from place of work to bus stop by using the shortest route. Employers are to ensure employees are conveyed by vehicle from work place to work place if the internal transport does not meet specific needs;
  3. Prohibition of motor cycles and three wheeled scooters;
  4. Prohibition of passengers on open pick-ups. The minimum standard required is that pick-ups are fitted with benches, facing inwards.
  5. Switch on head lights when entering the operational area;
  6. Mandatory use of rotating /strobe amber lights in operational areas i.e. berths and stock pile areas, off the main road.


  • Circulation of vehicles without free transit pass and pedestrians without identification badge is not allowed
  • Entrance and exit of goods and equipment without authorization documents is not permitted
  • The entrance of minors younger than 18 years is not permitted
  • Entrance and/or consumption of alcoholic beverage is prohibited inside port premises
  • Entrance of vehicles (light and trucks) with mechanical or electrical problems and/or in bad condition of maintenance (technical inspection of vehicles/trucks) is not permitted
  • Circulation of people in operational areas without PPE (high visibility reflective vest, hard hat, safety shoes) is not permitted.
  • Circulation of pedestrians in operational areas is not allowed
  • The use of a cell phone or entertainment devices while driving or being on foot in operational areas or amongst moving equipment is not allowed
  • It is not allowed to circulate or park any vehicle along the quayside
  • The transportation of people on the sidewall of the vehicles it is not allowed
  • It is not allowed to exceed the speed of 30Km/h o0n the main road and 10Km/h on the quayside.

Requirements for truck registration

  • Access application letter submitted by the company and/or truck owner (form to be drafted)
  • Copy of truck registration
  • Copy of truck title
  • Copy of truck insurance policy
  • Copy of transportation permit and/or Permit for Transportation of cargo
  • Copy of inspection certificate

Requirements for Driver’s badge

  • Copy of a valid driver’s ID and/or Passport
  • Copy of the driver’s driving license

Requirements for registration of light vehicles

  • Access application letter (form) drafted by the Company
  • Copy of vehicle registration (Company)
  • Copy of vehicle title (Company)
  • Copy of the insurance policy

Requirements for access by pedestrians/ visitors

  • Submission of ID and/or passport
  • Copy of vehicle registration (Company)
  • Copy of the vehicle title (Company)
  • Copy of insurance policy

All port users must be registered with Port Authority and ensure that their details are updated with any changes. MPDC reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, vehicle or company without prior notice or explanation.

It is a criminal offence to enter the port without the proper authorization. Any person found on the port facility without the correct authorization will be prosecuted.

Emergency Procedures

When pre-arrangement is not possible and the visitors need to enter the Port of Maputo is urgent, the persons may make a request via telephone to the Security Manager on Duty:

Security Supervisor: + 258 84 3199147

Please do not contact the Security Guards directly. They do not know who you are and are under instruction to follow the standard procedures described above.
Please note that the visitor remains the responsibility of the person who requested their access. They will remain responsible and accountable for the Safety and Actions of the visitor for the duration of their stay in the Port of Maputo.

Port Facility Security Officer (PFSO)
Telephone: +258 21 312596
Fax: +258 21 307648 or

How to request authorization to enter into the Port of Maputo for Visitors

1) Complete the online form above.

2) Alternatively, a letter on a company letter head may be presented in duplicate to the Security Manager at the MPDC Commercial Building. This letter must include the following:

  • Purpose of Visit
  • Registration of vehicle (should the visitors be traveling in a vehicle)
  • Full names of all visitors, ID or Drivers License Number
  • Date of entry(or entries)
  • Time frame of visit
  • Invited by
  • Departure time and date

All port users must be registered with Port Authority and ensure that their details are updated with any changes.

MPDC reserves the right to refuse entry to any person, vehicle or company without prior notice or explanation.

It is a criminal offence to enter the port without the proper authorization. Any person found on the port facility without the correct authorization will be prosecuted.

Search Requirements

1. All persons, packages and vehicles entering or leaving the Port of Maputo may be subject to search by Security personnel.

2. Any person or persons entering the premises who refuse; to be inspected will be denied access.

3. Any person leaving the port facility that refuses to be searched will be detained and charged.

Speed Control

All persons on the premises will obey the speed limit at all times. Any person caught speeding or driving dangerously will be removed from the Port of Maputo and their vehicle permit will be revoked. No debate on the reasons for speeding will be tolerated.

Identification Procedures

All persons entering the Port of Maputo should possess and show a valid MPDC photo I.D. card. Individuals arriving by motorcycle should temporarily remove helmets to assist in identification. Security personnel should verify that the I.D. card matches the person presenting it.

1.1 Employees and Sub-concession employees

1. All employees are required to show a Valid MPDC employee photo I.D. prior to entry.
2. While on the facility, personnel should have their valid ID visible at all times.
3. Where safety is an issue, a high visibility vest with “see though” pockets should be worn displaying the
4. MPDC ID card. No employee will be given access without their MPDC ID card.

1.2 Regular Vendors/Contractors

1. All regular vendors/contractors are required to show a valid MPDC photo ID prior to entry.
2. While on the facility, all vendors/contractors should possess valid MPDC ID which should be visible at all times.
3. Where safety is an issue, a high visibility vest with “see though” pockets should be worn displaying the MPDC ID card.
4. Vendor’s and contractor’s visits should be scheduled 24hrs in advance. Any contractor wishing to work after hours should inform security.
5. If the arrival of vendors and contractors is not pre-arranged, entry will be prohibited until their need to enter is verified by proper authority.
6. Vendors/Contractors may enter only for valid business reasons.
7. The use of access lists that preauthorize regular Contractors and Vendors to enter the facility or board vessels moored at that facility are permitted in lieu of the daily schedule requirements.
8. All Contractors must abide by MPDC health and Safety regulations including the completion of the Health and Safety induction course.

1.3 Truck Drivers/Passengers

1. All truck drivers with commercial goods should be rerouted to Gate 1. Truck drivers and passengers (where authorized), must have valid documentation and are directed to customs before entering the port facility.
2. MPDC truck drivers/passengers should present this ID when requested by a security representative.
3. The driver and passenger must stay with the vehicle at all times. Unattended vehicles will be removed from the premises.

1.4 Visitors (all persons not falling into other categories)

1. All visitors to Port Maputo must be pre-approved by security.
2. All visitors are required to obtain a visitor ID prior to entry.
3. While at the facility, all visitors are required to have a visitor ID and present it upon request by security representatives.
4. Visitors must be scheduled in advance. If not, entry will be prohibited until proper authority authorizes the visit.
5. All visitors are the responsibility of the Company that requested their entry. To this end, all infringements or incidents involving the visitor will be directed to the company.

1.5 Government Employees

1. Government agency representatives may be given access to complete official visits/inspections.
2. All Government employees doing business in the Port must present their credentials to security at the gate.
3. Government agency representatives must present their valid government organization I.D. card to security personnel or competent authority prior to entry.

1.6 Vessel and Personnel Access

1. All Vessels wishing to enter the Port of Maputo need to complete the ISPS pre-arrival declaration and ensure that it is sent to the PFSO for approval.
2. Vessel personnel (crewmembers, agents, contractors, vendors and passengers on freight vessels) are not to be permitted to depart or arrive by way of the Port of Maputo unless their identification is provided in advance.
3. All passengers and crew (on passenger ships) are permitted to disembark the vessel in accordance with immigration laws. They should proceed directly to their place of work or out of the terminal.

1.7 Casual Labor

1. All casual Labor must be registered with Port of Maputo Authority. Each service that requires casual Labor must be pre-authorized and a list with the names of the Labor must be issued. The Labor will then need to use their Port Authority ID cards in conjunction with the list to gain access to the Port of Maputo.