Maputo Port Layout & Data

The Port of Maputo contains two main port areas.

There is one access channel from the open sea leading into Maputo Bay, the North Channel with a maximum depth of 14.4m (Canal do Norte). The channel passes to the North of Portuguese Island (Ilha dos Portugueses) and is well marked by light buoys.

The distance from the North Channel entrance at Buoy 1N to the Pilot Station at Buoy 6 is 25 miles. From the Pilot Station at Buoy 6 the Xefina, Polana and Matola Channels lead into the wharves and terminals.


Location Depth limits *
North Channel 14.4m
Xefina and Polana Channels 13.7m
Matola Channel 13.2m

* All depths are below chart datum and the actual tide is to be added (max. 3,9 m and minimum 0,2 m). The tide table is published by INAHINA (Instituto Nacional de Hidrografia e Navegação). All navigational aids are provided and maintained by INAHINA.

Port Operations

Working Hours
  • 365 days a year, 24 hours/day
Office Hours
  • 07h00-15h30
  • Compulsory; 24 hour service
  • Pilots board ships east of Buoy 6 at the entrance to the Xefina Channel
  • Outbound vessels drop pilot at the same position
  • Pilotage compulsory for vessels with maximum sailing draft of 12.50 meters or above, from North Channel passage.
  • North Channel pilot boarding ground between buoy 1N and buoy 2, according indication in UKHO charts
  • Ships are requested to make a good lee for safe boarding of the pilot
  • Pilotage may be suspended if wind exceeds Beaufort 8/9 (30 knots)
  • Outer anchorage located near Buoy 1N
  • Inner anchorage located eastwards of Buoy 6
  • There are no underwater obstructions in the anchorages
  • One 40 ton and two 60 ton bollard pull tugs available
  • Compulsory for all vessels except Coasters and Fishing Boats.

The port offers most services required by ocean going ships but, for the moment, resources are limited. Ships requiring services should give their agent as much information and notice as possible in advance of arrival.

Dry Dock and Repairs Small drydock with maximum dimensions 80m X 12m;
The dock entrance sill is 3.6m below chart zero;
Mobile welding and repair services at all wharves;
Diver services
Ship Chandlers Available, should be contacted via Ship Agents
Bunkering Heavy Fuel Oil, Marine Diesel Oil, Gas Oil and Lub Oils available
Fresh Water Available at most wharves and terminals