Grindrod’s Terminal de Carvão da Matola (TCM) operates a dry-bulk terminal in Mozambique which has an export throughput capacity of 7.5 million tonnes, handling magnetite and coal.

Grindrod continues to work closely with Caminhos de Ferro de Mozambique (CFM) and Transnet Freight Rail to create export capacity for both the established and Junior Coal Mining community of southern  Africa.

Furthermore, Grindrod operates a facility in the Maputo main port known as Grindrod Mozambique Limitada (GML), where sized coal destined for the Turkish domestic market and Iron Oxide/Magnetite is exported. GML currently has a throughput capacity of 4 million tonnes per annum.

Maputo Grain Terminal, is a privately owned grain terminal operated by GML. The terminal provides a fully integrated support and distribution service for grains destined for consumption by Mozambican industry and it acts as a base for the transit of grains within Mozambique, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. The infrastructure is able to handle most free-flowing cereals including wheat, maize, soybeans as an example. Non-free flowing products such as soya meal is accommodated in flat store. Terminal services include vessel discharge, cleaning/fumigation, and dispatch from silos/flat store to rail or road transport. Silo complex capacity is 25 000 tons and 30 000 tons is available for flat storage.

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