Porto +, an inclusive employment project that, for MPDC, is not a social responsibility project at all, but a simple contribution to the creation of the society where we want to live. Of a society that we want to help build. A society built on the basis of values such as respect, love and respect for others. A society that leaves no room for discrimination and hatred

Osório Lucas, CEO MPDC

On April 10, 2019, the Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) started a project for the employment of people with disabilities. The project started with the recruitment of 14 people with different physical, sensory and intellectual disabilities. After an internal awareness campaign and adaptation of some infrastructures, the new employees were allocated to several operational areas, acting as archivists, kitchen assistants, gardeners, lawyers and receptionists. For the most part, this is your first formal job.
Since then, the environment in the Port of Maputo has been transformed – a subtle, almost imperceptible change, but one that impacts all the company’s employees.
With this project MPDC intends, above all, to “normalize” disability, causing an impact on the whole of society, encouraging more companies to follow this example – that all people, regardless of their physical limitations, are entitled to equal opportunities of job.

At the end of 2019, we launched a book that tells the stories of these people. The audio-book can be heard entirely here.

If you want more information about the project, please contact us at info@portmaputo.com

We Are Closer Together

life testimonies and triumphs from the porto + project





António, 42 yrs


Carlos, 20 yrs

Canteen Assistant

Charifo, 23 yrs


Deyse, 30 yrs

Canteen Assistant

Elisa, 31 yrs

Canteen Assistant

Ézio, 34 yrs

Canteen Assistant

Hilário, 41 yrs

Operations Assistant

Jeanne, 30 yrs

Legal Advisor

Lassana, 24 yrs

Canteen Assistant

Luís, 43 yrs


Nádia, 36 yrs


Neil, 30 yrs

Legal Advisor

Nilza, 36 yrs


Suraya, 41 yrs

Canteen Assistant

Suzete, 37 yrs




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