International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) Code

MPDC’s plan to implement continuous security improvements throughout the whole period of the port concession, combined with the support and cooperation of the entire port community, has helped facilitate the achievement of ISPS compliance by the July 1 2004 deadline. ISPS was updated and renewed in 2019.

Security Improvements

As a result of the additional ISPS security requirements, Port Maputo is leading the way in developing the approach of Mozambican ports towards today’s perceived security risks.

In addition to the presence of police and other government agencies within the secure port area, a number of physical changes have taken place, including:

  • Increased electric fencing and gates, lighting, and intrusion detection systems
  • Implementation of an ID card system for all port users
  • Installation of personnel and vehicle access control systems for port gateways to ensure that only authorized vehicles and individuals gain entry to the port

Security Operations Enhancements

Security operations at Port Maputo have also been enhanced.

  • Land-based security patrols have been increased throughout the Port and water-based patrol are under implementation
  • Reporting of suspicious activity and security incidents is now coordinated through the MPDC Security Control Centre
  • All international vessels must provide 72 hours notice of their arrival and submit their Pre-Arrival Data Sheet, with a copy to their port agent

MPDC and Port Terminals

MPDC and port tenants are responsible for the security of port property, personnel and infrastructure.

To ensure greater port security, MPDC has developed a security initiative that includes:

  • Port Security Master Plan;
  • Standardized port security plans for each of the 11 terminals and facilities engaged in international marine trade
  • Physical improvements such as perimeter fencing and gates, lighting, intrusion and detection systems
  • Operational improvements including land and water based security patrols and a coordinated MPDC Security Control Center

Department of Transport Mozambique

Department of Transport Mozambique is responsible for ensuring International Ship and Port Security (ISPS) code compliance in Mozambique and for monitoring the entrance of foreign vessels to Mozambique waters.

Some of Department of Transport Mozambique’s specific responsibilities include:

  • Monitoring Port Maputo’s compliance with the ISPS code
  • Enforcing ISPS standards for security on-board ships and at marine facilities
  • Integrating the roles of domestic and international intelligence and enforcement agencies

Port Maputo Operating at MARSEC Level 1

Following the 2001 terrorist attacks on New York and Washington, the UN International Maritime Organization (IMO) convened a special meeting to draw-up a new set of security measures designed to improve the detection and deterrence of threats to international maritime security. The resulting ISPS Code, which came into force on 1 July 2004, coordinates the security efforts of 152 trading nations and requires the full compliance of approximately 55,000 international trading ships and 20,000 ports around the world.