Our Procurement principles:

  • Competition: Keeping competition fair is a key concern for achieving efficient and economic procurement results.
  • Equal treatment and non-discrimination
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Efficiency/Value for money: The optimum combination between the various cost-related and non-cost related factors that together meet the requester´s requirements

What does the Port buy

Health & Safety materials and uniformsStevedoring and   similar services
Equipments and spare piecesEquipment rental
Office suppliesPrinting and   advertising
Construction materialsEngineering services
Electrical and hardware materialMaintenance
Cleaning materialsCleaning
Fuels, lubrificantsTransport (internal   and external)

How can I become a supplier?

  • The company must be registered
  • It has to be credible and have references
  • Competente in their field
  • Documents (Commercial and other licenses) and tax clearance
  • No legal disputes in court
  • Availability of the adequate resources for the service
  • Participate in the public tenders!

What documents do I need to tender?

A.  Pre-Qualification

  1. Articles of Association;
  2. Commercial Certificate;
  3. Commercial License;
  4. Tax clearance;
  5. Power of attorney.

B. After contract award

  1. Bankruptcy clearancy
  2. Identification documents of company representatives

C. Payment

  1. Bank Details
  2. Workers insurance documents
  3. Vehicles and equipments insurance documents
  4. Applicable bank guaranties