We believe in establishing strong partnerships in order to achieve more impactful results in the community. That is why we reach for our business partners in most of our community projects.

See here some of our longstanding or on-going community projects, all of them making us proud of tackling the social challenges of Mozambique.


Plataforma Makobo describes itself as “a collaborative platform with a mission to provide and promote services aiming to improve welfare for disadvantaged groups.” MPDC has been collaborating with Makobo since 2012, in several volunteering activities and by funding several of Makobo’s projects. Kaya was born from this created synergy.

Kaya aims to promote the social and economic integration and sustainability of individuals excluded by society, so they can satisfy their basic needs and, actively, can collaborate to the social and economic development of the country. This will be done in a downtown idle building belonging to MPDC, where nutritional support, technical training and employment opportunities will be provided to socially excluded individuals.

The building is currently in rehabilitation by MPDC and partners. If you would like to know more about this initiative and actively participate in it, please contact us on info@portmaputo.com

CERCI Maputo

CERCI Maputo – Center for the Education and Rehabilitation of Inadapted Citizens – is a school for children and young adults with mental disabilities. The school exists since 2009 and until 2016 operated in very poor conditions. MPDC, together with several of its business partners, joined efforts to build world-class facilities for these students, in order to improve their ability of being integrated into our society. MPDC still supports CERCI by funding their administrative expenses, as most of their students do not pay a tuition fee.

For more information http://cerci.edu.mz/

Xiquitsi Project

The Xiquitsi project, a Kulungwana initiative, aims a social integration and inclusion, as well as vocational training through group tuition in music, thus taking the first steps towards the formation of what will become the first Classical Youth Orchestra in Mozambique.

This initiative represents the possibility of a life change among children and young people that through group music practice, which acquire essential skills for the full development of their capacities. The formation of this orchestra will be based on proven experiences in countries such as Brazil and Venezuela in similar projects.

MPDC is a supporter is this project since its foundation in 2013.

For more information http://xiquitsi.org.mz/


Every year, MPDC joins its business partners in a big sports event where the aim is to collect non-perishable food goods to channel to a non-profit organization. It is an opportunity to strengthen bonds with the companies that work with us throughout the year but also to promote this spirit of solidarity towards our community.


Following the terrible cyclone that devastated the center of Mozambique, causing more than 600 deaths and affecting more than 2 million people, the Port of Maputo became, for a week, the center of national Solidarity when taking a humanitarian aid ship to Beira.

This Solidarity maritime operation (including ship freight, packaging costs, handling, transportation, among many others), would have cost about 31 million meticais ($ 500,000 dollars). However, all of these services were provided free of charge.

The operation, set up almost spontaneously and with the Society’s immense Solidarity as its only fuel, involved more than 5000 volunteers and hundreds of companies.