Working Hours: 365 days a year, 24 hours/day

Office Hours: 07h00-15h30


  • Compulsory; 24 hour service
  • Pilots board ships east of Buoy 12P at the entrance to the Xefina Channel
  • Outbound vessels drop pilot at the same position
  • Pilotage compulsory for vessels with maximum sailing draft of 11.50 meters or above, from North Channel passage.
  • North Channel pilot boarding ground between buoy 1N and buoy 2, according indication in UKHO charts
  • Ships are requested to make a good lee for safe boarding of the pilot
  • Pilotage may be suspended if wind exceeds Beaufort 8/9 (30 knots)


  • Outer anchorage located near Buoy 1N
  • Inner anchorage located eastwards of Buoy 12P
  • There are no underwater obstructions in the anchorages


  • One 40 ton and two 60 ton bollard pull tugs available
  • Compulsory for all vessels except local Fishing Boats.