What are the operating hours of the Port of Maputo?

The Port of Maputo operates 24 hours per day. With regards to the hours for attending the public, the port operates from Monday to Friday from 7h00 to 15h30.

What is the depth of the access channel of the Portof Maputo?

The North Channel which serves as the access channel was initially designed for a depth of 9.4 meters. Today, due to the dredging works done in 2010/2011, the channel has a minimum depth of 11 meters plus tide. Currently the Port is dredging to -14.2 meters (to be finished in February 2017).

What type of goods are mostly moved in the Port of Maputo?What are the existing terminals?

The Port of Maputo has various terminals being that some of them are sub-concessioned. The main cargos handled by the Port of Maputo are: bulk minerals (ferrochrome, chrome ore, iron ore, nickel, magnetite, vermiculite, clinker, rock phosphate, gypsum etc.); vehicles (terminal operated by Grindrod – Maputo Car Terminal); containers (terminal operated by DP World); sugar ( terminal operated by STAM); coal ( terminal of Matola, operated by Grindrod); vegenatble oils (terminal operated by Maputo Liquids Storage Company). Many other bulk cargos are handled namely pipes, rice, frozen fish, bagged cement, bagged alumina and wheat. Project cargo is also growing in the Port of Maputo.

What type of tugs does the Port of Maputo have?

The Port of Maputo has one ASD tug with 37 ton bollard-pull and one modern, specially built for the Port of Maputo operations, ASD tug with 60 ton bollard-pull.

What type of cranes does the Port of Maputo have and what capacity does it have?

The Port of Maputo has two mobile cranes for general cargo with a capacity of 40 to 60 tonnes. Additionally, in 2015, the port acquired 2 mobile harbour Liebherr cranes with a lift capacity of 144 tons each. The Container Terminal has two gantry cranes and three mobile cranes each with a capacity of 100 tons.

What are the regular shipping lines which use the Port?

There are various  shipping lines which call at the Port of Maputo. These are the most frequent: MSC (Mediterranean Shipping Line); MOL (Mitsui O.S.K. Lines); CMA-CGM/Delmas Shipping Line; Mac/GAL; PIL; United Feeder Line; Maersk/Safmarine; Ocean Africa Container Lines; K Line, Höegh Autoliners; and Evergreen Shipping Line.

What is MPDC (Maputo Port Development Company – Companhia de Desenvolvimento do Porto de Maputo)?

Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) is a national private company, which results from the partnership between the Mozambican Railway Company (Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique) and Portus Indico, comprised by Grindrod, DP World and local company Mozambique Gestores. On the 15th of April 2003 MPDC was given the concession of Maputo’s Port for a period of 15 years, with an extension option of another 15. In June 2010, the concession period was extended for another 15 years, with an option of an additional ten years of operations after 2033.

MPDC holds the rights to finance, rehabilitate, construct, operate, manage, maintain, develop and optimize the entire concession area. The company also holds the powers of a Port Authority, being responsible for maritime operations, piloting towing (tugboats), stevedoring, terminal and warehouse operations, as well as port’s planning development.

May I visit the Maputo Port?

Due to operational security and compliance with the ISPS code, individuals may only visit the port with a specific purpose. However, the Port organizes visits with commercial or educational focus and to partake, the visitor’s form must be completed or an email sent to info@

What security procedures must be complied within the Port of Maputo?

Pedestrians and vehicles authorized to enter the Maputo Port must comply with various security norms and procedures for the protection of everybody in the Port. Pedestrians may only circulate in the authorized areas always displaying a visible identity badge. Vehicles may only circulate at 30 km/hour in the main road and at 10km/hour in the slabs and berths (were only authorized vehicles may enter). All the signs in the port must be respected and safety equipment must be worn in all operational area.

How can I import/export goods through the Port of Maputo?

The import and export of goods is dealt with directly through shipping agents. For more information on the shipping agents who operate in Mozambique, you may contact us by e-mail to info@