We invest in our people, in our staff, creating a long-standing partnership based on strong values of ethics, responsibility and team work. Our Sustainability projects always start inside the port and then immerse into our communities. Learn here about some of our projects.


The Port of Maputo Training Center, inaugurated in May 2019, provides training in several operational areas, from machine operators to tellers, including in its curriculum important areas such as health and safety and cargo stowage.

It is the only port training center in Mozambique and aims to be a center of regional excellence. Equipped with five simulators of the latest technology, the center also has classrooms for theoretical classes and a training field for maneuvers with mobile equipment.

For detailed information, download our brochure here.


Improve, educate, Inova-te

Designed to leverage the potential of young IT developers from outside of MPDC, the company’s Inova-te competition set out to push the boundaries of technology.

The goal of Inova-te was not only to come up with viable solutions for specific business challenges within the Port of Maputo but also to identify a pool of local talent that can support the port’s in-house IT team when necessary.

The prize on offer was the opportunity to co-develop the winning solutions with the port’s IT team. A total of 72 teams applied. The competition process involved several stages all revolving around innovation, defined as a “dynamic process and approach to staying relevant in the market”. Eventually, 12 teams made it through to a three-day bootcamp where they pitched their solutions to a panel, comprising representatives from various MPDC departments.

The 6 winning teams are currently co-developing their solutions with MPDC.


We care for our staff.

Our canteen serves almost 1000 nutritious and healthy meals per day, inside the facility with 120 seating places and in several other meal rooms scattered in the operational area, for better convenience.

The new port clinic (replacing our current clinic facility), expected to be open in the end of 2020, is a bigger and modern facility featuring a laboratory, a room for small surgery, a room for short-term medical admissions and general practice consultations.

Our port gym offers a world-class facility with top equipment and group classes twice/day, open to all port staff.


Our volunteering initiatives range from beach cleaning to community support. We believe in creating awareness on several social issues and promoting solidarity within our staff and families.


Every year we celebrate our port family with a fun and educational event dedicated to the children of our staff. The occasion serves also to educate the children on important health, safety and sustainability issues, so we can prepare a better world for tomorrow!


Every year we train over 80 young professionals in areas that range from port engineering, operational professions (machine operators, tally-clerks, etc.), IT, Finance amongst many others. As a port in constant growth, we strongly believe in building a pool of talents that will move Mozambique forward.