Nautical Information

Tidal Streams

The maximum spring rates of the flood and ebb streams between Cais de Maputo(25°58’2S 32°33’5E ) and Ponta Chaluquene(25°58’5S 32°33’3E) observed during the dry season are 2.5 and 2.8 knots respectively.

Channels and Bouyage

The positions of the entrance channels are subject to change and depths may be less than charted. Bouyage marking the channels may be moved accordingly. Additionally, bouys may be missing, unlit or out of position and therefore mariners are advised to consult Harbour Master, Maputo, for the latest information.

Local Magnetic Anomaly

A local magnetic anomaly exists in Baía de Maputo giving deflections from the normal -2° to +3°

Anchoring Prohibited

(25°59’0S 32°33’9E)
Anchoring is prohibited in Rio Espirito Santo, north-west of a line passing through the Cathedral and the tide gauge, unless instructed otherwise by a pilot.