Car Terminal



Gate Nr. 9 - Praça dos Trabalhadores, PO Box 3203
+258 (21) 359 100
+258 (21) 359 111

Terminal Specifications
Berth Total Length Operating Hours
5 227m 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
General Description

The Grindrod Maputo car terminal came into operation in November 2007 with an initial capacity to park about 1 455 cars and an annual throughput capacity of 52 000 cars. The terminal has since expanded to 4158 parking bays  with a throughput capacity of 150 000 cars per annum. The expanded terminal spans an area of 48143m2.

Maputo is ideally situated for the import and export of vehicles delivering to, or manufactured in Gauteng and complements the South African car terminals operating under severe capacity constraints.

Höegh Autoliners acquired an interest in the car terminal and, together with Grindrod, will co-operate on issues such as cargo operations quality with the objective of developing the terminal as a major hub port for the region.

A secondary market will focus on the second hand import car market to service other African countries and the transshipment of vehicles for the eastern seaboard.