Coal Terminal



PO Box 96
+258 21 359 100
+258 21 350 111

Terminal Specifications
Berth Total Length Operating Hours
Matola Coal Terminal 205m 24 hours/day, 7 days/week
General Description

Matola Coal Terminal (TCM) has a capacity of 6 million tons per annum. When phase 4 is complete it will expand the capacity to 26 million tons. Phase 4 will require excavation and land reclamation, the construction of two new berths, a stockyard and railway infrastructure. The final terminal footprint will be in the region of 120 hectares (excluding any reclaimed areas)

Grindrod also has 48 000m² footprint in Maputo Main Port where sized coal is handled on behalf of customers. Loading is by skip and either vessel or shore crane to minimize the degradation of the sized product.

Effective 1 January 2012, Grindrod introduced the Vitol Group,  the world’s largest independent energy trader,  as a strategic partner in the Maputo Coal Terminal. Vitol will acquire from Grindrod a 35% interest in the company which owns the Maputo coal terminal concession.

This transaction will underpin the expansion of Vitol and Grindrod’s coal trading business as well as assist in the expansion project of the Maputo coal terminal.

Operating capability of Matola Coal Terminal

-    Discharging block trains of 50 trucks within 4 hours
-    Stock pile capacity in excess of 400 000 tons
-    Minimum vessel loading rates of 15 000 tons per day
-    Loading of Panamax vessels (draft of 11m plus tidal range)
-    Single berth with two shiploaders capable of loading simultaneously