Port News

New automated port access system

COMMUNICATION TO PORT USERS With the view of improving the Port security system, MPDC – Maputo Port Development Company hereby announces that, on 17th and 18th May 2018, has successfully tested the new automated access control system and thus being informed that as of June 12, 2018 access to the Port will be through automated […]

MPDC, CFM and AMVIRO launch program to promote road safety

In order to promote the education and awareness of drivers and pedestrians, the Maputo Port Development Society (MPDC), the Mozambican Railways (CFM) and the MOZAMBICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE VICTIMS OF ROAD INSECURITY (AMVIRO) launched in April “Moment of Safety” at Praça dos Trabalhadores. It is a project that aims to influence the attitude of pedestrians […]

MPDC to start rehabilitation of 1058 meters of quay in June

The Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) has signed a contract for the rehabilitation of the quays 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Maputo Port, an investment of 64 million dollars. These represent 1058 linear meters of berth that will be deepened to an average of -15 meters, thus allowing the port to receive larger vessels. […]

MPDC shows volume growth of 22% in 2017

The volume handled by the Port of Maputo has grown 22% in 2017, with 18.2 million tonnes of cargo handled last year against 14.9 million tonnes handled in 2016. This result was positively affected by the dredging of the access channel to the Port of Maputo, completed in January 2017. Before dredging, with the channel […]

Almost 2 tons of food raised at MPDC sports event

MPDC invited its business partners for a sports event on the 9th December, with the purpose of raising food, clothes, toys and school materials for deprived communities in Maputo. The event gathered more than 400 participants which contributed with almost two tons of food only, not mentioning other donated goods. The “token” of entry for […]

MPDC receives tribute at MOZEFO Gala

MPDC has received a tribute on the Mozambican Economic and Social Forum (MOZEFO) Gala for its role on the economic growth of Mozambique. According to the organizers of MOZEFO, a forum that has per objective “motivate the economic growth a accelerated, inclusive and sustainable manner for all Mozambicans”, MPDC was distinguished for the transformations it […]

MPDC receives award of Biggest Investor in Infrastructure

On the 28th of August, at the official inauguration cerimony of FACIM (International Fair of Mozambique), MPDC received an award for being the Biggest Investor in the Infrastructure area in Mozambique during the period 2012-2016. The award was attributed by the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and given by the Minister of Transports and Communications, […]

Port of Maputo is already reaping of fruits of deepening dredging

The first vessel to load almost 90,000 tons in the entire history of the port, leaving with a draft of 11.40 meters, departed on Thursday, December 1st. The MV Mineral Belgium, 289 meters long and 45 meters wide, is also the vessel with the most hatches to ever have docked in the port (a total […]