Port News

Port of Maputo access channel maintenance soon to begin

Following the dredging of the Maputo Port access channel in 2016/2017 from -11 meters to -14.3 meters, the first maintenance dredging along the access channels will soon begin. The dredging will focus on the Matola, Katembe, Polana, Xefina and Northern Channels and will remove about 1.4 million cubic meters. The drafts of the quays of […]

Simulators inaugurated at MPDC’s training center

The Port of Maputo has inaugurated 5 brand new simulators for all types of machine operations, including RTG, mobile and fixed crane, forklift, tractor, among many others. The simulators were inaugurated by the Minister of Transports and Communications, Carlos Mesquita, and are part of a complete training facility which also includes an artificial training hatch, […]

Publication of Audit Report on the reflief ship to Beira

A Port at the core of the logistics for Solidarity Following the terrible cyclone that devastated central Mozambique, causing more than 600 deaths and affecting more than 2 million people, the Port of Maputo became, for a week, the center of National Solidarity when commissioning a ship of humanitarian aid to Beira. This maritime Solidarity […]

Port of Maputo invests in operational equipment

Two new mobile harbour cranes have just joined MPDC’s operational fleet at Maputo Port. The objective of this new acquisition is to improve productivity, responding to the growing demand, especially regarding bulk minerals. “In addition to the two mobile harbour cranes, we have recently acquired 14 payloaders, 8 tractors, 8 forklifts and 2 rail excavators […]

Port of Maputo sets another record in cargo handling

The volumes handled by the Port of Maputo reached 19.5 million tons in 2018, surpassing the record previously set in 2014 (19.3 million tons). This record also represents a growth of 7.14% compared to 2017 (the year in which 18.2 million tons of cargo was handled). These improved results since 2017 continue as a result […]

Project to clean Maputo beaches launched at Costa do Sol

PRAIA ZERO, a project funded by the Port of Maputo and Heineken, implemented by Cooperativa Ntumbuluku (an association for environmental education), and supported by the Municipality of Maputo, was launched in late December 2018. The beachfront of Maputo has a severe littering problem and the beach sands are full of broken glass. Lack of civism […]

New automated port access system

COMMUNICATION TO PORT USERS With the view of improving the Port security system, MPDC – Maputo Port Development Company hereby announces that, on 17th and 18th May 2018, has successfully tested the new automated access control system and thus being informed that as of June 12, 2018 access to the Port will be through automated […]

MPDC, CFM and AMVIRO launch program to promote road safety

In order to promote the education and awareness of drivers and pedestrians, the Maputo Port Development Society (MPDC), the Mozambican Railways (CFM) and the MOZAMBICAN ASSOCIATION FOR THE VICTIMS OF ROAD INSECURITY (AMVIRO) launched in April “Moment of Safety” at Praça dos Trabalhadores. It is a project that aims to influence the attitude of pedestrians […]

MPDC to start rehabilitation of 1058 meters of quay in June

The Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) has signed a contract for the rehabilitation of the quays 6, 7, 8 and 9 of Maputo Port, an investment of 64 million dollars. These represent 1058 linear meters of berth that will be deepened to an average of -15 meters, thus allowing the port to receive larger vessels. […]