Dredging of Maputo Port shipping channel has begun

The dredging of the access channel to the Port of Maputo, from -11 meters, to accommodate vessels with a sailing draft of up to 14.2 meters on the tide, has initiated. The first of three dredgers mobilized by Jan de Nul Dredging Middle East FZE, the leading international dredging company that will be performing this operation, has arrived on the 20th May and the first dredging cycle started on the 21st May.

In the 10 months that last the dredging works, it is estimated that a volume of 12 million cubic meters will be dredged from the channel. When it is finished, the dredging project will enable access for ships of up to 80,000 tons making Maputo Port more competitive in regional and international shipping markets.

Several dredgers and supporting equipment have been mobilized for this operation. The first one, De Lapérouse, a trailing suction hopper dredger, is currently working 24/7 to ensure a fast and efficient work. A cutter suction dredger and a bigger suction hopper will be arriving in July and August, respectively, along with split hoppers, a surveying boat, a crew boat and a multitasking boat.

Paulo Mata, Executive Projects, said: “There is a permanent coordination between the dredger and the team involved and the port operations, in order to ensure the accessibility of the channel. Maritime operations have, of course, priority and the dredging will cause no disturbance to regular port operations”.