MPDC launches book about the history of the Port of Maputo

“From the Gorjão Quay to the Future – 110 Years of the Port of Maputo” is the title of the book launched by MPDC last week at the Port Authority, in the Port of Maputo.

The book, which transports us to the origins of the Port and travels through the stories of the development of the port in the last 110 years, including the concession period to the Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC), has the collaboration of prestigious Mozambican authors.

“This book does not only tell the story of the past, as its title indicates. It projects the future, identifies challenges to win, to reach the target of handling 40 millions tons until 2020. Overall, the book portrays the first steps of a development that is already giving fruits and that will continue to give many more”, affirmed the Minister of Transports and Communications, Mr. Gabriel Muthisse, during the book launch.

“We have in our hands a port that is in continuous transformation, that is growing and expanding before our eyes. It is important to have a book like this which, through the history of the past, establishes the roots of a solid future”, said the CEO of MPDC, Mr. Osório Lucas.

This book will be offered to universities, municipal libraries, schools and several other institutions, serving as an institutional memory of this important Mozambican infrastructure.