Port Maputo Conference

Government reiterates its support to the Master Plan.

On the 1st June a conference organized by the Port Maputo took place at the Girassol Indy Village, which set out the developments which took place since the concession was granted 8 years ago. Many distinguished figures were present from the Mozambican Government who reiterated their unconditional support to the Master Plan of the Port of Maputo (Plano Director).

“I would like to emphasize our enormous satisfaction in finally seeing the Port of Maputo and its present concessionaires change the negative image which we had in the recent past and which threatened the concession model and resulted in the intervention of the private, national and international sectors in this area”, said PrimeMinister Aires Ali, also stressing the idea that the Mozambican Government relies on the Port and its potentiality to operate positively in the economic context of the country.