Port of Maputo handles 15 million tons in 2012

The Port of Maputo handled last year, 15 million tons of cargo, over three million compared to 2011, opening more business opportunities for national companies of around 266 million meticais. This value refers to business conducted only in the last four months of the year, when MPDC opened a total of 12 tenders under its strategic development plan.

For this year, MPDC is expected to launch another 10 tenders, mostly related to the rehabilitation and maintenance of port infrastructure, including roads, railways and berths, which will generate additional opportunities for national small and medium enterprises.

The tenders were launched last year were related to the provision of stevedoring services, catering and internal transport, all directed to Mozambican companies with proven ability and capable of meeting the required quality standards.

As part of the implementation of the Strategic Plan of the Port, and in order to meet the growing demand for services from the Port of Maputo, the MPDC commissioned at the end of last year, a total of 12 payloaders to increase handling capacity cargo at the port. The prospect is that the new equipment will allow the reduction of the waiting time for trucks delivering transit cargo, as well as increased productivity of ships calling at the port.

In the last two years the Port of Maputo doubled the amount of cargo handled, going from ten million tons handled in 2010 to 15 million in 2012. MPDC expects to grow in 2013 to 17 million tons and to reach 40 million tonnes in 2020.