The times and tides are changing at the Port of Maputo

(article by Kemraj Mahabeer from Planning Department, MPDC)

MPDC is reaping the rewards of the acquisition of the new Mobile Harbour Cranes with automatic tipplers.   The aim of this acquisition was to ensure the quick turnaround time of bulk export vessels. The fruits of this initiative materialized, and has now gone to a new level, with panamax vessels following one another.

The terminal’s planned norm using the cranes on vessels including pushing up / cargo separation is 324 tons per crane hour, and 360 tons per crane hour on drop stow vessels.

Nevertheless, the stretch targets are 342 tons per crane hour and 396 tons per crane hour, respectively.

The Mv Bulk Malaysia loaded 40 000 tons and left with a DWT of 95 766 tons.  The vessel was planned at a norm of 360 tons per crane hour but achieved a norm of 369 tons per crane hour.  The terminal is now aiming at 396 tons per crane target

The image below reflect the exchange of 2 panamax vessels viz. Mv Bulk Malaysia (sailing) and the Mv Denita Wave arriving to load 50 000 tons of bulk cargo.