Publication of Audit Report on the reflief ship to Beira

A Port at the core of the logistics for Solidarity

Following the terrible cyclone that devastated central Mozambique, causing more than 600 deaths and affecting more than 2 million people, the Port of Maputo became, for a week, the center of National Solidarity when commissioning a ship of humanitarian aid to Beira.

This maritime Solidarity operation (including ship freight, packaging costs, handling, transportation, among many others and including the port side only) would have cost about 31 million meticals ($ 500,000 dollars). However, all these services were given free of charge.

Because carrying more than 2,000 tons of humanitarian aid by ship to Beira (discharged finished at the Port of Beira on March 26, 2019) would not have been possible without the help of many arms, MPDC is grateful:
- To all the thousands of anonymous individuals who contributed in some way, with donations, with time or simply adhering to this wave of Solidarity;
- Grindrod South Africa’s Ocean Africa Container Lines, which made the MV Border available as soon as the first news of the terrible impact of Idai and its crew began to emerge;
- DP World Maputo and MICD have been exceptional in providing their services – and going so far beyond – waving every fee;
- To the Mediterranean Shipping Company, Maersk and CMA-CGM, which immediately made empty containers available for the packaging of humanitarian aid. There were 94 containers placed at the service of this cause!
- To Mozambican Customs – and especially to TIMAR – for having been partners in Solidarity, working tirelessly to clear the goods side by side with the volunteers;
- To INGC and to the various international institutions involved in the institutional support provided to distribute the aid to those most in need;
- Manica and MMT, which, in addition to having chart the vessel, were relentless in ensuring that the containers were loaded in time, provided stowage, supervisors and tally clerks who participated actively in the operation;
- To Naval for having given lashing services;
- The Muslim Community, the Unidos por Beira, and all other civil society movements that added value to the movement, with a special emphasis on the thousands of spontaneous and anonymous volunteers who joined the port with a wholehearted dedication to the cause;
- To KPMG for having accepted to be our partner and to audit the process of donation, packaging, shipping and distribution;
- Sociedade Médica de Moçambique and Maputo Sul for the ambulance and first responders at the Cabotage Terminal;
- To the hundreds – if not thousands – of public and private companies and institutions that have brought to us their donations;
- To all who contributed with food, water, juice for the volunteers, pallets, bags for humanitarian aid kits, boxes, administrative material and all that was necessary to ensure the success of the operation – there were never any negative responses to our requests, only an unconditional surrender;

Our KHANIMAMBO the size of Solidarity that we have created here together!

Please download the audit report here: