In result of the official positioning of the Government of Mozambique regarding the event of Covid-19, and the protocol of prophylactic measures adopted to prevent and fight the dissemination of the disease, aligned with similar measures adopted in other Ports of the Region and the World, All Passenger Vessel´s Calls from the 17th March and till further development notices, are canceled in Maputo Port Jurisdiction Area.

MPDC is commited to create a safe environment for all its staff and port users. Therefore, other measures being taken by the Port of Maputo include (but are not limited to): awareness campaigns for MPDC and Sub-Concessions, placement of sanitary gel at key points, implementation of temperature control at all access gates, implementation of remote work (for certain functions) and video-conference instead of meetings, and the creation of a COVID-19 hotline for all port community use.

The cooperation of all is essential to stop this pandemic so we join our voices in appealing all people to wash hands with soap for 20 seconds, use alcohol-based disinfectants and avoid touching face.

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