Maputo, 27th March 2020: Since the COVID-19 outbreak began, Maputo Port Development Company (MPDC) has been engaging with all relevant stakeholders in order to monitor possible operation and business impacts. Measures announced by the Government of Mozambique led us to further adapting and adjusting our contingency plans, as the pandemic progresses day by day.

The Port of Maputo handles mostly transit cargo, being that 70% of its total cargo is transit and mostly from South Africa. With South-Africa’s recently announced lockdown starting from today, the Port of Maputo’s activities will be considerably impacted and, thus, MPDC is taking pro-active action in order to ensure that business continuity is maintained and a potential financial impact is mitigated while taking care of the wellbeing of our staff and their families.

Part of these measures include but are not limited to:

  • Deferring non-initiated investments in infrastructure or equipment
  • Maintaining minimum preventive maintenance of equipment and infrastructure
  • Implementing remote working and placing of staff on annual leave
  • Negotiating adjustments on the suppliers’ contracts

We understand we are facing an unprecedented crisis. These measures, amongst other cost-saving initiatives, are designed to allow MPDC to protect its workforce and be adequately prepared for the return to normality when the COVID-19 outbreak ends.

MPDC recognizes the relevance of keeping the logistic chain open in periods like this and will endeavor to reduce the disruption to the least possible. We will continue to closely monitor the situation and keep in contact with all relevant stakeholders, so that we can implement the latest guidance to keep our employees and port community healthy and motivated through these uncertain times.

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