MPDC signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Maputo Municipal Council for the rehabilitation of some areas surrounding the Port of Maputo.

Included in this memo is the rehabilitation of the promenade alongside the port that goes from the Cabotage Terminal to Praça dos Trabalhadores, the toilets of Praça dos Trabalhadores, the promenade of Av. Zedequias Manganhela that will host the new bus terminal, as well as the adjacent area to Gate 1, next to the Luís Cabral neighborhood.

“This memorandum that we signed today with the Municipality of Maputo, is part of a voyage that we have taken so that the port is returned to the city, an entity present in the lives of its people. In this route we embark on several ships, namely a passengers terminal, the Galeria do Porto, a cultural and leisure infrastructure available to the city and tourists who visit it, the Xihlawuleni conference room located in our Operations building serving the city and various social initiatives, and Kaya, a space for social inclusion on Rua do Bagamoyo already delivered to a partner who will be at the heart of Maputo’s solidarity through initiatives that integrate people in situations of social exclusion “, explained Osório Lucas, Executive Director of Porto.

The Mayor of Maputo, Eneas Comiche, challenged the public and private sectors to embark on requalification projects in Baixa de Maputo and that “like MPDC, have this umbilical relationship with Baixa, which feed on its dynamism and which would benefit from its rehabilitation, making it a more pleasant, more efficient and more sustainable space for everyone who circulates here. ”

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